A project done during DesignMorphine's software workshop, "Dynamic Mutations V4", utilising various Zbrush & Maya workflows. - With Selina Wach, Christina Grytten & David Kienpointner
Our era is defined by consumerism and branding. Branding and brand identities of mega corporations like Starbucks, McDonalds or Nestle, replace the social and political function of former cultural and traditional ideologies. This process is apparently evident by the high resolution of the urban fabric, flocked by branding and signages, that  replace and overlay existing architectural contexture. The cultural palace of Sofia is already surrounded by these signages of multiple western brands and presents us with a situation with no escape. More and more western names start conquering the eastern culture, causing an outburst of their identities replacing the historic cultural identities. 
The scenario of Unhappy Meal speculates on these brands developing a way to take over culture. An artificial intelligence is devised to solve the food crisis and thrives as an engine that propels to make the cultural identification obsolete. To embrace a new system, the old system is deconstructed.  Therefore, National cultural palace (NDK), the symbolic 
cultural identity forms the ground, to let the new culture grow. The AI takes control of this location and becomes the heart of this new emerging culture.  The nutritious food it creates enables an utopia, where nobody stays hungry or suffers illnesses. 
The brands developing the AI emerge as huge monopolies or rather - gods, but the AI starts to develop an intellect and understands itself as the only god, feeding the people and controlling the system. As the old culture had to be deconstructed, the conventional biological systems are being redesigned by the AI engine and it begins to leech in, replacing our traditional systems and life cycles leaving no room for them humankind.