Nathaniel Nutt is a designer, providing creative solutions to a global network of clientele, including renowned brands such as Absolutturnus, Jung von Matt, Futurly and IOR50 Studio. He has also contributed to subcontracted projects for clients such as Swisscom, Mister Spex, Partfox, Anyma, Segurio, and Asahi Super Dry. 
Nathaniel's Capabilities:
3D-Modeling | Rendering | Concept Design | Animation | Motion Graphics | Visual Effects | Hard Surface Design
As a co-founder of AVAXWARRIORS, he plays a vital role in the digital collectibles company. His work has also been exhibited at events like the Resilience Festival in Bologna and the VR-Ham Festival in Hamburg.
His mission is to collaborate with clients who value high-quality design and turn their creative ideas into stunning visual experiences. To learn more about Nathaniel's creative services and inquire about his availability, please contact him via email at or use the contact form below.
Selected clients include: