AVAXWARRIORS - Digital Collectibles Project
"AVAXWARRIORS" is a continously developing digital collectibles project that utilizes the Avalanche blockchain and a procedural rendering approach to create a unique collection of 8'888 4k rendered images. Each image is 1/1, thanks to the procedural texturing system designed by the team at WARRIORS XYZ. 

I was in charge of creating the character, the variable 3D assets, lighting set ups, textures and worked closley with the development team to ensure our workflow would enable us to create endless variations of collectibles. 
The workflow for creating the 3D models included Zbrush sculpting, Softimage poly modeling, MoI 3D CAD modeling and assembling and rendering everything in Keyshot. I also had the chance of creating marketing images illustrations and keyframes to showcase a closer look into this sci-fi universe.