Legionnaire Character Design
Character design for WARRIOR XYZ's upcoming v2 collection. 
The project's first steps consisted of conceptualizing the design based on the brief's requirements, "The legionnaires are large, powerful soldiers who stand at an average height of 2.5m, towering over ordinary humans. Their immense size and strength make them equivalent to 100 men in battle. However, becoming a legionnaire is no easy feat, as each individual must endure a rigorous process of physical mutation, a challenging regimen of psychedelic drugs for mental fortitude, and ultimately merge with their mechanized suit.".
I used sculpting and CAD modeling with Zbrush and MoI 3D to build the high-poly mesh. Blender was utilized for refining the design and creating the final asset. Texturing was done using Substance, and finally Cycles in Blender to render everything.