Next-Gen Bionicle
This was a personal project, for learning purposes only, to understand the different layers and shapes of a mech. I used old Bionicle figures and a few of Vitaly Bulgarov's designs as a reference, attempting to understand and explore various workflows/techniques when it comes to approaching this kind of design.
This was a very fun challenge and has motivated me, even more, to dive deeper into made-up robotic designs. After this project I realized how important it is (for me at least), to have an iterative approach and to work in passes. Looking back at this project, I notice a lot of things that I would now do differently, like putting the effort into having a more consistent shape language. The head is sharp and aggressive, yet the shoulder and chest armor is rounded. Despite these flaws, I am still very fond of this project as it was a significant milestone, in a journey of designing fictional robots.